The family project of VILLA PI BLAU has matured after a sinuous and exciting journey. The idea started to emerge after working for social innovation Groupe SOS and a defining meeting with Pierre Rabhi in his training centre of agricultural ecology in France. I then trained to become a certified yoga teacher when moving to England.

Our dream really came true when we found the right piece of land in Catalonia, back to my family birthplace. There we could create a unique space: built with high eco construction standards, offering local organic food and relaxation. We are now able to share our authentic passion for yoga and healthy living and to contribute to mindfulness and wellbeing on a wider scale … Idealists that we are!

VILLA PI BLAU is a place made to fully enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine and sun, practice yoga, water sports or just contemplate the beautiful surrounding coastline.

We want you to genuinely feel at home and leave VILLA PI BLAU fully relaxed and energized.

Carmen, Yoga teacher and manager of VILLA PI BLAU

Local flavours

VILLA PI BLAU treats you with a healthy home-cooked Mediterranean cuisine...

Eco Villa

VILLA PI BLAU is a modern and sustainable property built by Ecohouses...


Our objective is to offer healthy hedonism: a mix of pleasure, simplicity, environmental...