VILLA PI BLAU is a modern and sustainable property built by Ecohouses.

It comprises:

  • A timber structure made from Finnish red pine wood, cellulose (recycled paper) wall insulation and green roofs;
  • A minimal carbon footprint thanks to energy efficient features, appliances and fresh air ventilation system.
  • An insulated cabling system to reduce the production electromagnetic fields
  • The use of eco friendly paints, chalks, lacquers and oils.

Water Conservation

We have a water-wise garden with native Mediterranean plants that are naturally resistant to drought. Grass has been planted in a limited area of the land.

Rainwater and wastewaters from showers and bathroom sinks are reused to flush toilets and water the garden. This allows saving close to half our water needs per year.

Hot water and heating

During winter, the need for heating is reduced thanks to the passive use of natural solar energy. The majority of the property accommodations are south facing and there is a high quality insulation and ventilation system.

In summertime, the ventilation is provided by a Canadian well system acting as natural air-conditioning and diffusing high-quality air. This added to the green roofs guarantees a mild temperature and prevents from having an electric air conditioning system.

Twelve square meters of solar panels converts all the sunshine into usable energy for hot water. An energy-efficient heat pump produces additional hot water if needed (for every 1kW of electricity consumed by the heat pump it outputs 3kW of heat).

Linen and home cleaning products

We use organic cotton bed sheets and linen waffle towels that are produced in the South of Spain.

All our home cleaning products are eco friendly.

Waste recycling

All food and green garden waste is recycled for composting. All remaining waste is recycled according to the local city plan.